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Practical Laser Sight Applications

Practical Laser Sight Applications
Handguns: Yes, a laser sight is an excellent addition to a handgun.
Most handguns are accurate at a maximum of 50 feet (usually a lot less) and this is an ideal application for a laser sight.

Shotguns: Yes, a laser sight may be installed on a semi-automatic shotgun but not a pump action shotgun.
The major problem with mounting a laser sight on a shotgun is that you will need to periodically realign the laser sight because the recoil of a shotgun will gradually change the point of laser dot aim until it no longer corresponds to the average center of shotgun shell impact.
However, the laser dot can be easily re-aligned on a shotgun by adjusting the windage and elevation laser sight settings until the laser dot appears on the target in the same spot as the top front sight of the shotgun.
A laser can be installed below the front barrel of a semi-automatic shotgun and it will allow you to more quickly and accurately align the shotgun when hunting or when using the shotgun for self-defense in a stressful situation. The first laser I installed in 1998 was under the barrel of a semi-automatic shotgun and I was very pleased with its performance. The laser activation cord extended down under the barrel of the shotgun and the laser activation button was installed on the front handgrip of the shotgun. Since it was a semi-automatic shotgun the front handgrip was stationary and it was not used to load a shell into the shotgun chamber.
This is the reason a laser sight would be significantly more difficult to install on a pump action shotgun. The pump moves back and forth under the barrel and therefore you could not mount the laser activation switch on the pump. The pump may also interfere with the laser cord if you try to mount the laser switch near the shotgun trigger. It may be possible to work out these technical issues with a pump action shotgun but I do not have a reliable solution to these issues at this time. Therefore I do not recommend the addition of a laser sight to a pump action shotgun.
Rifles: No, a laser sight is not appropriate for a rifle.
The range of a rifle is significantly greater than either a handgun or a shotgun and you really need a good riflescope so you can clearly see your target and properly align your shot on the center of the target while taking elevation and wind drift into consideration. A riflescope will also allow you to zero your rifle from point-blank range out to the accurate trajectory of your rifle which is usually at least 150 yards. Your rifle bullet will rise and fall over this distance but if your scope was properly zeroed then you should still be able to hit inside the kill zone of your target.